Past | Present | Future : Relationships

Good Evening, I’ve been a little head first into my corporate job because of a Global Summit and I was unable to work on my spiritual side yesterday so as soon as I got home from work.  I decided to meditate and quiet my mind and ask for guidance today.  I have been feeling a little different lately about a relationship that is building in my life.  A personal relationship that has me questioning a lot of where I thought I would be and the timing of it all.  I asked my guides, angels and archangels to give me guidance on my personal relationship, Past | Present | Future.  Past: Door to Value.  This was a time in your life when you realized your value and that you were worth more than that person was giving you and treating you and your son.  It was a time of growth and self reflection.  Your worth is a lot more than monetary to you and just because they can financially support you that is not what is important to you and you will show that person and have shown a person out of those doors.  To get into your life and into the life of your world “your son” there is more to what they can financially bring to the table. You want more. Substance. . Present: Balance – My sweet dear Student, you are one with the person that you are building a relationship with.  You are the ying to his yang and you are the yang to his ying but the doubts in your head will keep you from moving forward in this relationship.  Stop worrying what other people feel is the right person or the right type of guy or the right timing of this. IF it feels right, accept it and allow it to be a part of your life.  You need someone who can balance you and that can show you what love feels like and what love looks like. Yes, it is unexpected but unexpected is what you have been asking for my dear student.  Future: Journey.  Listen to us.  You have ben asking for help on this journey.  On this spiritual and personal journey and we give you the signs but you are to stubborn to pay attention.  Your future is bright and those eggs in the basket are the right eggs.  We are giving you those eggs you just need to be smart and aware enough to realize that those eggs are the right ones and your ego needs to take a back seat and allow for you to see that.  Be one.  Trust.  Believe in us and believe in this journey.  The good, the bad and the ugly. These are all lessons learned through this life time and we are here to guide you through it all.  I Archangel Michael will guide you and hold your hand with the love of your mother, guides, and your loved ones to be a success and learn these life lessons this lifetime.  You ask.  We answer.  Breathe. Meditate. Journal. Gratitudes and Believe.  Love & Light.  #mediums #archangels #oraclecards #clairvoyant #clairaudient #relationships #singlelife #singlemom #movingforward #love #life #letlovein #authenticself Today I heard the messages loud and clear and what I typed is what I heard so if it sounds like someone was talking to me in my writing.  It’s because he was.  Archangel Michael was loud and clear and I want to thank him for his guidance.  #archangelMichael #believe #power #oraclereadings #oraclecards  #messages #powerfulmessages #happiness #balance #movingon


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