Message of the Day 11.15.19

This morning I was guided to pull a card for anyone that crosses this post.  I asked your guides, angels and loved ones to deliver a message better than you can ever imagine.

Goddess of Sacred Power:  This card resonates with a lot that I have been thinking about and going through in my life.  Your divine team is reminding you to take control of your future and the outcomes of your future.  They have done the work behind the scenes, like nudge you to the right path and push ideas through your thoughts and our insecurities keep us from moving forward.  We may not think we aren’t talented enough to accomplish what we get the urge to start or we may worry about what others may think about us.  Well, it’s time to let go of those insecurities and negative thoughts and allow yourself to grow, branch out and start something new.  You have the power to manifest and create all the things that you want into your life.  
I hope this resonates with many because like you, I am on a spiritual journey to seek my authentic self.  Why am I here during this lifetime? What is my purpose?  What are the reasons certain people have been put into my life?  What are they teaching me and what am I teaching them?  
Happy Friday! Love & Light. 
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