Message of the Day 11.21.19

I was guided to pull a card this afternoon.  I asked your angels and divine team to deliver a message better than you can ever imagine. 
Angel of New Life: This card is prepping us for 2020 and reminding us to focus on all the things we want in our lives and what we would like changed for 2020.  Manifest these things into your life and accept them when they come in because it not be in forms or ways that you thought they may be coming into.  Stop trying to control every situation in your life because the best things that happen in our lives, most of the time are unexpected.  Unexpected Love.  Unexpected little blessings of little people.  Unexpected Opportunities.  
I know this very well because I am somehow blessed in a relationship with someone, I never thought in a million years I would end up with but the relationship has been a blessing to me, him and even my child.  He has taught me so many things about myself and I’m forever grateful for these amazing lessons.  
Create.  Manifest.  It is all in your hands and heart to create. 
Love & Light 
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