Message of the Day 11.25.19

Good Afternoon All, I was guided to pull a card for anyone that crosses this post.  I asked our guides to deliver a message better than we can ever imagine, pushing my entire ego aside. 

Angel of Union: If you are in a current relationship, situation-ship, friendship with someone that is new or old that has been feeling rocky, a business relationship that needs answers.  Please take this message as a reminder that all will be okay for your highest and best and whatever route it’s suppose to take, it will happen for your best.  
I literally chuckled when I pulled this card because before I pulled this card for all of us, I tried pulling for myself and it just never feels right.  I don’t feel connected and I feel stuck and it’s because my ego is totally in the way.  I have realized and made a conclusion that I am no longer pulling cards for my relationship because I know the answers and I just need to follow my gut and the guidance from my angels. 
I hope this resonates with you because it totally resonated 1000000% for me and my relationship.  Manifesting is a powerful tool and I hope that many of you are preparing for 2020.  So much to look forward to and so much to change to make our lives happier, balanced and much more peaceful.  Living authentically is a magical experience. 
Love & Light 
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