Message of the Day 12.09.19

I asked your angels and divine team for guidance today. I asked them to deliver a message better than you can ever imagine.

Detox your friendships: This to me doesn’t tell me or anyone to end any friendships or relationships but it’s a reminder that other people can affect our flow and our energy. If someone around you is negative all the time and complain about every single thing about life; we can easily get sucked into their patterns and that’s when we need to walk away and take our energy back. What we put out to the universe is what we receive so this is just a simple reminder to all of us to remain in a mindset of gratitudes, affirmations and positivity. Attract that good to you and it will come and it will bless us more than we would every think. Love & Light. #gratitudes #affirmations #love #relationships #friendships #auras #energy #positivity #protectyourpeace #doreenvirtue #grantvirtue #oraclecards #gutfeelings #listen

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