Message of the Day 12.10.19

This morning I pulled a card for myself and anyone that crosses this post, I asked our angels and loved ones to deliver a message better than we can ever imagine.

Goddess of Oneness:  This card brings so much joy into my heart because every single day when I write in my gratitude journal, I’m always so thankful for my peaceful, easy and happy co-parenting relationship with my son’s father and my boyfriend.  Just as much positive energy I send into my relationships with my son’s father, my son, my boyfriend, my relationship with my father and siblings.  It’s reassuring to know that these same people are sending me positive light and healing my way without realizing it.  Their positive energy towards me allows me to move peacefully and happy in the relationships and this card is reminding us of this.  Your angels and divine team are reminding you that even though, people may not be as vocal as you or they may not show the love the way that you do, know that they love, support and care for you in all of the right ways.  Tough love. Is something love that we need to learn lessons through.  Hugs.  They are physical signs of love.  Small Text Message Hellos.  Those are signs and messages that we should appreciate and be grateful that we receive because they made the decision to send those signs and messages to us.  I hope this resonates with many because, at a time of social media, we do want more because we are comparing our lives to what “social media” lives are promoted.  Know that your human relationship is enough and what you receive and what you give is enough and DOES NOT need to be shared with the world if it’s not right for you or them.  As long as the effort and the appreciation is there, be grateful and let go of trying to control the situation.  
Love & Light  #angels #love #selflove #socialmedia #relatinships #frienships #partnerships #oraclecards #gods #goddessess #oraclecards #angels #angelmessages #divienteam #guides #divineguidance #appreciation #gratitudes #positivity #spiritualjourney #onedayatatime #dontcompare #yourlifematters

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