Message of the Day 12.10.19

This morning I pulled a card for myself and anyone that crosses this post, I asked our angels and loved ones to deliver a message better than we can ever imagine.

Goddess of Oneness:  This card brings so much joy into my heart because every single day when I write in my gratitude journal, I’m always so thankful for my peaceful, easy and happy co-parenting relationship with my son’s father and my boyfriend.  Just as much positive energy I send into my relationships with my son’s father, my son, my boyfriend, my relationship with my father and siblings.  It’s reassuring to know that these same people are sending me positive light and healing my way without realizing it.  Their positive energy towards me allows me to move peacefully and happy in the relationships and this card is reminding us of this.  Your angels and divine team are reminding you that even though, people may not be as vocal as you or they may not show the love the way that you do, know that they love, support and care for you in all of the right ways.  Tough love. Is something love that we need to learn lessons through.  Hugs.  They are physical signs of love.  Small Text Message Hellos.  Those are signs and messages that we should appreciate and be grateful that we receive because they made the decision to send those signs and messages to us.  I hope this resonates with many because, at a time of social media, we do want more because we are comparing our lives to what “social media” lives are promoted.  Know that your human relationship is enough and what you receive and what you give is enough and DOES NOT need to be shared with the world if it’s not right for you or them.  As long as the effort and the appreciation is there, be grateful and let go of trying to control the situation.  
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Message of the Day 12.09.19

I asked your angels and divine team for guidance today. I asked them to deliver a message better than you can ever imagine.

Detox your friendships: This to me doesn’t tell me or anyone to end any friendships or relationships but it’s a reminder that other people can affect our flow and our energy. If someone around you is negative all the time and complain about every single thing about life; we can easily get sucked into their patterns and that’s when we need to walk away and take our energy back. What we put out to the universe is what we receive so this is just a simple reminder to all of us to remain in a mindset of gratitudes, affirmations and positivity. Attract that good to you and it will come and it will bless us more than we would every think. Love & Light. #gratitudes #affirmations #love #relationships #friendships #auras #energy #positivity #protectyourpeace #doreenvirtue #grantvirtue #oraclecards #gutfeelings #listen


Message of the Day 11.25.19

Good Afternoon All, I was guided to pull a card for anyone that crosses this post.  I asked our guides to deliver a message better than we can ever imagine, pushing my entire ego aside. 

Angel of Union: If you are in a current relationship, situation-ship, friendship with someone that is new or old that has been feeling rocky, a business relationship that needs answers.  Please take this message as a reminder that all will be okay for your highest and best and whatever route it’s suppose to take, it will happen for your best.  
I literally chuckled when I pulled this card because before I pulled this card for all of us, I tried pulling for myself and it just never feels right.  I don’t feel connected and I feel stuck and it’s because my ego is totally in the way.  I have realized and made a conclusion that I am no longer pulling cards for my relationship because I know the answers and I just need to follow my gut and the guidance from my angels. 
I hope this resonates with you because it totally resonated 1000000% for me and my relationship.  Manifesting is a powerful tool and I hope that many of you are preparing for 2020.  So much to look forward to and so much to change to make our lives happier, balanced and much more peaceful.  Living authentically is a magical experience. 
Love & Light 
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Message of the Day 11.21.19

I was guided to pull a card this afternoon.  I asked your angels and divine team to deliver a message better than you can ever imagine. 
Angel of New Life: This card is prepping us for 2020 and reminding us to focus on all the things we want in our lives and what we would like changed for 2020.  Manifest these things into your life and accept them when they come in because it not be in forms or ways that you thought they may be coming into.  Stop trying to control every situation in your life because the best things that happen in our lives, most of the time are unexpected.  Unexpected Love.  Unexpected little blessings of little people.  Unexpected Opportunities.  
I know this very well because I am somehow blessed in a relationship with someone, I never thought in a million years I would end up with but the relationship has been a blessing to me, him and even my child.  He has taught me so many things about myself and I’m forever grateful for these amazing lessons.  
Create.  Manifest.  It is all in your hands and heart to create. 
Love & Light 
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Message of the Day 11.18.19

This evening I was guided to pull a card for anyone that crosses this post. I asked your guides to deliver a message better than you can ever imagine.

Passion: Do you feel like this renewed energy about life? Are you sitting there kind of in awe of what you have accomplished? Well dammit, give yourself a huge pat in the back because your divine team is definitely congratulating you and guiding you to where you are today. You are listening to your gut, the nudges, taking chances and doing something out of your comfort zone. A lot of new and different experiences and keep that same energy for the rest of this year and into next year because these will just get better. Bigger and better!

Love & Light

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Message of the Day 11.15.19

This morning I was guided to pull a card for anyone that crosses this post.  I asked your guides, angels and loved ones to deliver a message better than you can ever imagine.

Goddess of Sacred Power:  This card resonates with a lot that I have been thinking about and going through in my life.  Your divine team is reminding you to take control of your future and the outcomes of your future.  They have done the work behind the scenes, like nudge you to the right path and push ideas through your thoughts and our insecurities keep us from moving forward.  We may not think we aren’t talented enough to accomplish what we get the urge to start or we may worry about what others may think about us.  Well, it’s time to let go of those insecurities and negative thoughts and allow yourself to grow, branch out and start something new.  You have the power to manifest and create all the things that you want into your life.  
I hope this resonates with many because like you, I am on a spiritual journey to seek my authentic self.  Why am I here during this lifetime? What is my purpose?  What are the reasons certain people have been put into my life?  What are they teaching me and what am I teaching them?  
Happy Friday! Love & Light. 
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Message of the Day 11.13.19

This afternoon I was guided to pull a card for anyone that crosses this post.  I asked your guides to give you a message better than you can ever imagine. 

Angel Healing:  I know this card definitely resonates with me because I’ve been in a very weird place in my life.  Confused.  Maybe itching to want more but I’ve been feeling this sense of wholeness and completion.  Like I am enough and everything I have in my life is good for me.  Your guides are reminding you that you are okay with where you are today and although you may feel some hurt, don’t let it dwell for to long and remind yourself that you are here and that everything that you have experience is a lesson that will help you become better, stronger, healthier and most importantly authentic.  Remind to love yourself and treat yourself gently.  
I hope this resonates with you because it definitely did for me and I’m beyond grateful for all of the reminders, nuggets, and messages that our guides and angels give us daily.  Look for them because they are being sent to you. 
Love & Light 
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