Message of the Day 03.25.19

ood Morning, 

This morning I was guided to pull a message for all of you and your angels want you to break free from your current situation.  Break free from the negativity, the self doubt, the bad relationship, the energy sucking job, the people that are only there to suck the life out of you.  Time for a little self reflection and looking at what you are doing to your body and your soul.  Have you been feeling icky and creating anxiety over something you cannot control? Detach yourself from that situation and ask Archangel Gabriel to cut the chords for those that are not serving for your highest and best.  Sometimes we think in our heads that we can save everyone around us and it’s not our job to do that.  They have their own life lessons to learn and no matter what we do, we cannot interfere in the life lessons that they are meant to learn.  It will happen either way.  This feels like a dark icky card – like it’s taking the energy out of me and my heart feels like this really really heavy feeling in the chest.  It’s time to let go — LET GO! I hope this resonates with someone because I have a very strong feeling that this message is for someone right now that is having a hard time, letting go of a long-term relationship that just isn’t right.  Love & Light.  #love #relationships #lettinggo #selfappreciation #gratitudes #selfreflect #attachements #oldpatters #badpatterns #energy #energysuckers #reflection #lookinthemirror #angelcards #angels #lovedones #guides #divineteam #journal #askquestions #ask #gethelp #itsokaytosayno #putyourselffirst #eyeopening 

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Message of the Day 03.23.19

Good Morning, This morning I asked your angels and your divine team, to give you a message better you can ever imagine. Breathe. Remember that things don’t always happen in the order that you hope for. Be grateful for what you do have in big ways if you want to keep attracting positive into your life. Sometimes if things are going a little negatively, we tend to stay in that mindset but change your thoughts today. Breathe. Relax. Allow yourself to be loved and you are deserving of anything positive that goes you way, even those things that feel like it’s to good to be true. You manifested that into your life. Accept it and let your divine team to continue to bless you. Love & Light. #breathe #relax #love #happiness #guides #lovedones #truth #balance #spiritualgrowth #spirituality #life #sundayblessings #gratefulness #begrateful #allowlovein


Message of Day 03.22.19

Today’s message is a message that seems like it has been a weekly reminder for many of us.  The message from our diving team and loved ones is to stay balanced, let the energy run evenly in your life and don’t allow anyone to take that positive energy from you.  Keep people around that fulfill you and keep you balanced.  We have really worked hard to be where we are today.  We have worked hard to work on ourselves and give us that self care and don’t mess that up by bringing and allowing negative people to affect that high vibration that you have been working on.  Our guides bring people into our lives for both lessons and support and those that are not for our highest and best, need to keep it moving.  Focus on you! Protect your energy! Allow love in! Love & Light #happiness #key #divinetiming #karmic #relationships #soulmates #gratitudes #affirmations #followers #morefollowers #5kgoal #mentorcompetition #spiritualstudent #mentors #growth #growing #balance #oraclecards #yin #yang #oraclecards


Message of the Day 03.21.19

Good Morning,

I was guided to pull a message today for anyone that crosses this post.  Your divine team want to remind you that whoever is in your life is in it for a reason.  This relationship, friendship, business relationship or significant other is shined on by the divine light.  There is a commitment and a contract that will be signed if it hasn’t yet and if it is already signed and you are looking for reassurance, it’s all good!!!! Stop those doubts in your head and realize how grateful you are to have those people in your life.  Don’t be your own blocker for happiness and growth.  Go with it.  It will go in your favor. 

Love & Light. #commitments #relationships #friendships #business #newbusinnesses #contracts #justice #inyourfavor #sayyes #yes #movingforward #growth #spiritualgrowth


Message of the Day 03.19.19

Good Afternoon,
I was guided to pull a message for anyone that crosses this post today.  I invited your divine team, guides and loved ones for a message today, better than you can ever imagine, pushing my entire ego aside. 
Your divine team want to remind you to find balance and let the energy of love run through you evenly and with grace as you are whole with your environment.  Personal life or Professional life, they are feeling aligned and balance because your soul has been working to be where it is right now.  Stop fighting the inevitable and follow your gut.  Opposites attract for a reason and if it may be something you aren’t use to, that’s okay because it’s what is right.  This lifetime is Karmic and your soul is aligned. 
Love & Light.  #energy #balance #happiness #karmic #yinyang #yin #yang #222 #angelnumbers #divinelyguided #spiritual #spiritualguidance #spiritualstudent #learningeveryday #enjoyinglove


Message of the Day 03.18.19

Good Afternoon, I had a little trouble today to get centered and balanced because of lack of sleep and focus on other things going on in my life. I am revamping my home and moving around some energy to allow new and improved blessings to come into my life.  I feel like I’m in a balanced space personally and I need to get there with my home.  So I’m making those changes in the next coming week.  This afternoon, I asked your divine team to give a message to anyone that crosses this post for their highest and best, a message being delivered better than they can ever imagine and I pulled the Cornucopia card and at first, the card felt negative but I was confused because the images on the card felt so bright and forward thinking.  It’s because your angels want you to get out of this dark place that you may be in, the dark place of no hope for the future and/or confusion on your life and be grateful for everything that is around you at the moment. All the blessings that you have now and all the blessings that are coming your way.  You will flourish and be where you want to be, the work that you put in is paying off.  Be Grateful!!!!! Love & Light #mediums #angels #gratefulness #happiness #darkspaces #depression #emerging #abundance #abundant #spiritualjourney #spiritual #love #life #relationships #businesses #family #friends #confusion #newdirection #turnthecorner


Message of the Day 03.17.19

I was guided to pull a message of the day for anyone that crosses this post with one of my very first deck of oracle cards. As I got up to walk to my office, I asked for your guides to send me messages and all I kept hearing was self acceptance. Wow! I start shuffling my deck and my hand stops and I turn it around, wow! Self Acceptance. I totally surprise myself and I give messages all the time through readings and ppl always tell me that it resonates but for me to see it with my own eyes, it’s so reassuring and eye opening. Your divine team and even my own want to remind us that we cannot judge anyone for who they are. Evaluate who you are and accept who you are before you do that to anyone else. We are all imperfect humans but our souls are all learning lessons together and aligning with each other. Be grateful and appreciate everything that you are and everything you are going to be. Love & Light. #mediums #angels #divineteam #selfacceptance #nojudgment #imperfect #imperfections #souls #lessons #alignment