Today’s Guidance 04.09.2021

This morning I was guided to pull a message for anyone that crosses this post. I asked our guides and angels to deliver a message for our highest and best.

Message from Afar: I literally chuckled when I saw this card because just a few minutes ago, I was researching what 444 meant because when I woke up and went to heat up my milk for my coffee, 444 was on the microwave.

Our guides are definitely sending us nudges and messages so that we can move forward with our spiritual and soul journeys. I’ve been really tapping more into my spiritual journey and asking guides and angels more than ever for their help in bringing message across to loved ones, friends and for people who are seeking for guidance. If you are coming across numbers, pennies, quarters, heart shaped objects and even smell a similar scent. Sit back and think about the message that the angels are trying to get across to you. What is that you have been asking for help on? And how are they giving you the guidance?

I hope this resonates with many. Love & Light

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Today’s Guidance 04.05.2021

This morning I was guided to pull a card for anyone that crosses this post.

Universal Heart: At first this card kind of confused me because even though it looked like a very dark card, it felt very light hearted. It’s definitely a reminder from our guides and angels that they are around us at the moment as we go through these changes in our lives and sometimes it doesn’t feel like we are changing and it feels like you are almost a hamster on the hamster wheel, even the smallest of changes are making huge differences. Like for me, pulling cards and doing readings definitely get me out of this depression and anxiety that I have been having since I gave birth to my daughter. Postpartum depression is a real thing and definitely not east for a new mom or a mother of multiple and for me, connecting with my angels and divine team is definitely helping me get out of this dark and negative mentality.

I hope this resonates with many and this card speaks volumes to you because it definitely does for me.

Love & Light

Deck used: Universal Love by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Guidance 04.01.2021

I was guided to pull a card for anyone that crosses this post.

Awakening: This card is a reminder that new chapters are about to begin for a lot of us and that means change. Yes, change is scary but it is needed for us to grow as individuals and for our souls to learn their life lessons. Just know that even though change is scary, these changes are supported by your guides and divine team and there is no time but now to embrace the change and move forward with the new and the unknown.

Today Guidance 03.29.2021

I was guided to pull a card for anyone that crosses this post today.

The gateway: this card shows me that there is a door opening for all of us as one behind us closes. We are supported in this new chapter/journey and we must look up and listen to our guides and angels and believe in their guidance.

Love & Light

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Deck used Universal Love by @tonicarminesalerno

Today’s Guidance 03.25.2021

I was guided to pull a card for anyone that crosses this post. I asked your guides, angels and loved ones to deliver a message better you can ever imagine.

Transience: This feels to me like if it were a reminder of new beginnings and new chapters that are opening up in your life. It may have been something in your life currently that you are closing the chapter on or walking away from but your guides are reminding you that as fast as they close is as fast as the new opportunity is opening up for you.

I hope this resonates. Please stay positive in your thoughts as this helps manifests things for our highest and best.

Love & Light
Deck used: Universal Love by @tonicarminesalerno

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Today’s Guidance 02.23.21

Hello All,

Sorry for being a little absent that past month or so. I’ve been a little busy growing a little baby and giving birth to the new life. It has been so life altering but eye opening as well.

I finally sat back a little and had time for myself so I got the urge to pull a card for myself and anyone that crosses this post. I asked our angels to deliver a message better than we can ever imagine.

Goddess of Knowledge: This card reminding us that we know the next steps in either our career and spiritual journey. We are hearing and seeing the nudges from our divine team. Listen and take action, apply all that you have learned thus far to make it happen. And BE BOLD! DONT BE AFRAID! DO NOT LET OTHERS FROM KEEPING YOU BACK.

I hope this resonates with you because it definitely does for me. Love & Light! 💜💜💜 #angels #gods #goddesses #oraclecards

Today’s Guidance 01.28.2021

I was guided to pull cards for anyone that crosses this post today and of course a little different today thanks to my new journal and the urge it gives me to pull in new ways. I asked our guides to tell us what are things that we should embrace, accept and Let go.

Embrace – God of spiritual healing: embrace this spiritual journey that you have been on and all of the hurt that you may have felt in the past because those past hurts are helping you deal with things in the now and helping you understand and look at things differently with a much more loving and mature heart.

Accept – Goddess of Sacred power: accept your leading role in certain aspects and situations in your life. At times they can feel draining but they will allow us to help heal others and most importantly heal our own hearts.

Let go – Angel of manifesting: this is a big one because this is reminding us to let go of things out of control and allow for our angels and guides bring us those things we have been seeking four. Allow for them to show us that we are worthy of love and worthy of happiness in the way that is meant for us.

I hope this helps as we continue this spiritual journey. Love & Light.

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Today’s Guidance 01.27.2021

I was guided to pull some cards for anyone that crosses this post today. I went a little different today and it was definitely inspiration from my new journal. I asked our angels what we should start, stop and/or continue.

START – Angel of Clearing: We should definitely look at the signs that are given to us on the new opportunities, the new doors and the new directions that our angels and guides are urging us to follow or go through. The confusion has cleared and we have the answers to the next steps of our spiritual and soul lives. Be open to the change.

STOP-God of Reflection: we should stop blaming others and situations for where we are today because we have the power in changing any and all outcomes with the power of the energy we put into things. Negative thoughts, make things negative. Positive thoughts allow us to embrace the bad and remind us the good that is in them.

CONTINUE- Angel of New Life: We must continue our life journeys with our heads help you high with the confidence that we can and will be better than previous years. We have went through what we did to understand and embrace our power to move above and create a better us and life.

I hope this helps and motivates us through these trying times. Love & Light

spiritual #journey #selflove #reflections #newchapters

Today’s Guidance 01.25.2021

I asked our angels to deliver a message better than we can ever imagine.

Angel of Prayer: this is a reminder from our divine team that we have the power to manifest all that we believe in and all that we are hoping to accomplish in 2021. Things are quite difficult right now but we are all moving forward rather quickly above the bumps that stand in our way. There is no greater power than believing what your worth is. Our divine team believes in us so we must do the same for ourselves.

I hope this resonates and will resonate. Love & Light. #manifest #goals #happiness #greatness #oracle

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Today’s Guidance 01.19.2020

I asked our angels to deliver a message today better than we can ever imagine.

Exchanging gifts: This card is a reminder that we are able to share our talents, our views, our lessons, and our past down knowledge on life. We have books, blogs, mentors, spiritual teachers that all have the knowledge that we seek to get to the next level. We need to take advantage of these resources and manifest our dreams and our wants and needs.

I hope this resonates with many. Love & Light.

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